Soccer city, strippers and Cheetahs

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 1.53.06 PMDid you know that any sporting event that goes on in San Diego will allow you to enter Cheetahs with your ticket stub? Even if San Diego State University and City can’t come up with a deal to use the land in Mission Valley, Cheetahs will still be only 5 minutes from the stadium. The good thing is that either way the deal goes you can still be entertained with the sexiest stippers in San Diego. Hopefully, Something can be worked out so that you can have the best of both world strippers and soccer. 

Tips to become a dancer at Cheetahs

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 12.37.28 PMFor beginners

1) If you are going to go into this profession, learn from the best as there are many times you can slip up, learn from experienced people who can give you sound advice. You will know it is good from your own common sense.

2) Choose a club where you feel safe and have the best prospects, i.e. clients with money. Cheetahs is the Safest club.

3) Never do anything that you feel makes you uncomfortable, there are girls all over the world that earning great incomes without compromising their integrity.

4) Try a few different clubs before you settle on one that you like. Make sure you see what others are like so that you know that the grass is not always greener.

5) Work at having the best body you can, It will make you feel super confident in a club and you will always be hired.

6) Make sure you put non-slip pads on your shoes as you never want to fall when you are dancing on stage.

7) Do not put any sticky/slimy creams or oils on your body which can rub off on the pole, it can cause you and other girls a lot of injury.

8) Stay respectful to management but under their radar. This will keep you out of trouble.

9) Make sure you have a healthy self respect for yourself so that you can stand up for yourself and take charge of a situation with customers who may be a lot older than you and have more experience at manipulating younger people.

10) Make sure you leave Cheetahs safely and always keep a cell phone charged just in case you need help.

Asian Strippers at Cheetahs

Cheetahs is home to some of the finest asian strippers in San Diego. If you have a fetish for asian strippers, then look no further. We’re hosting nights and Cheetahs where we’ve hand selected some of the HOTTEST asian women so you can sit back and enjoy the Asian persuasion. Asians! Asians! Asians! We’re crazy about them.


Gentlemen of San Diego! We’ve got something extremely special for you this season, and I’m pretty sure that it’ll probably knock your socks off.

As we all probably know…

Baseball season is finally here and we’re all rooting for San Diego to WIN, WIN, and WIN some more!

As a token of our appreciation and love for the sport and team, we’re giving FREE ADMISSION to anyone who attends a baseball game and shows their ticket upon admission.

That’s right, you can see our beautiful ladies, hangout with your friends and have the night or weekend of your life for FREE!

What’s better than hanging out with friends watching baseball, boobs and drinking beers (not to mention the exotic lap-dances)!

Let’s go Padres! Show your support for the city of San Diego and come to Cheetahs – for FREE!

We’re looking forward to seeing you this season!

Improve Your Mood By Coming To Cheetahs

Going to a strip club once or twice a week actually has benefits on our health as men. For starters it increases our testosterone levels. 

In a world where we’re taught to be professional and follow social norms, it’s rare to express our natural instincts and drives as men. There’s nothing wrong with out instincts and drives, however society deems them as “dirty” or “wrong”.

Coming into Cheetahs can help you express that side of yourself… not to mention, our girls support us 100%. 

Here’s a few benefits of having a higher level of testosterone running through your body:

  1. Reduced Facial Fat:
    Increased testosterone levels in men can make the facial muscles more “chiseled” and angular. So if you want to appear more attractive to the ladies just boost your T-levels.
  2. Improved Mood:
    Studies have revealed that men with low t levels often complain about depression, irritability, anger, and a poor quality of life. On the other hand, men with higher T levels often have a better quality of life, mood, and motivation.
  3. Increased Basal Metabolic Rate:
    Testosterone directly inhibits the formation of new fat cells, and it can increase your metabolic rate.
  4. Improved Circulation:
    Testosterone directly stimulates the enzyme (eNOS) – which is a fancy term for nitric oxide – a molecule that relaxes blood vessels and arteries.

We’re looking forward to seeing you this week!


The Best Way To End New Years?

What’s the best way to end 2016?

How about hanging out with your best friends, grabbing some drinks and spending some time with our lovely ladies here at Cheetahs?

With 2017 coming, there’s only a little bit of time left to make the most out of this year so grab your friends, your favorite pair of jeans, and get out of the house!

With the new year coming, with our new years resolutions, it’s up to us to make this year the greatest year we’ve ever lived – so how about close friendships, more success, and more fun!

Our lovely ladies are here to make sure that your new years is amazing. Come in tonight – you won’t regret it.

3 Reasons Cheetahs Can Improve Your Relationship

Relationships are about honesty, communication, pleasure, and exploring another human being to the fullest. In fact, if you can’t honestly express yourself and who you are in a relationship – why be in the relationship with a person?

After weeks of research from our “sexperts”, as well as from our friends at Fox News, we’ve discovered that strip clubs can actually improve the quality of your relationship. Yes, improve. 

Here’s three reasons why you should come into Cheetahs this week with your significant other:

  1. It’s Safe
    Couples that go to strip clubs together get the same effects of having a “third party” without having any sexual health risks. In other words, you can have a sexual experience with more people without risking an infection or nasty disease.
  2. At Ease
    Going to a strip club with your significant other is a great way to put her mind at ease. Instead of having her wonder where you are or what you’re up to, it would be best to go somewhere with her so she knows what you like and how you really are as a man. 
  3. No Work Involved
    Coming into Cheetahs is probably the best way to get excited, hot, and aroused – it’s basically foreplay. Just hop in your car, head over to our club, relax, unwind, and let nature take its course.



Study: Strip Clubs Beneficial to Health


stripperAccording to Empire Research Group going to the strip club is actually good for your health!

That’s right, studies reveal that going to the strip club has the ability to:

– Lower cortisol (the stress hormone)
– Boost oxytocin
– Increase testosterone

In fact, Empire Research Group noted that 54% of all men feel overwhelmed at work and since the majority of all men only have about 16 hours of leaser time a week, going to the strip club can allow men to get back in touch with their instincts as well as interact freely without having to behave and operate in a “professional” manner.

How can this be proven?

Well, the researchers conduced saliva tests on men before and after walking into a strip club and they discovered that when men are surrounded by beautiful women who are flirting with them, getting sexual, and putting them at ease their bodies are naturally filled with testosterone and oxytocin.

So do you want to destress?

Come into Cheetahs this weekend!

Best place to tailgate for chargers game Cheetahs

chargersLooking for a great place to meet before and after the San Diego Charger Game? Well, Cheetahs is the best place to Meet because you can get to the stadium easy from here and after the game you can use your ticket to get into Cheetahs for Free. When the Chargers play, Cheetahs is filled with beautiful woman ready to Celebrate the win with you or lift your spirits in case of a lose. Either way you can only win at Cheetahs.

Are you ready to make money at Cheetahs?

11596d_6ed7308b214141baacc149d6259cb542.jpg_srz_316_211_85_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzLooking to make great money fast? Did you know that you could make hundreds of dollars in just a few short hours? Well, if you are tired of making minimum wage or not working at all and want an exciting job for you to get ahead quickly, maybe this is something you want to explore.
Cheetahs is now accepting applications for waitresses. Now is time and Cheetahs is the place to make a lot of money fast. We are looking for Fit women somewhere between the ages of 18-30 to join our team.

Apply in Person Friday 8pm-10pm
8105 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92111