Cheetah’s Girls

Cheetahs Girls


Become a Cheetahs Entertainer

Ladies, if you are interested in gracing our stages with your beauty go to the  and find out how. If you already have a current Entertainer’s Permit, come on in and talk to a shift manager.

How is the schedule and pay for dancers?

Entertainers are not employees of the club, rather they are leasee contractors. There is no set hours for an Entertainer. They can work as much or as little as they wish. They are self employed and get paid by the customer. Some Girls work 7 days a week, others work once or twice a month. Because of the flexibility this job appeals to many women.

Dancer / Entertainers Form


Check out how to get dancer licence

Independent Contractor

Check out Cheetahs videos of our girls onstage as well as candid interviews!!